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  • New Report on Land Grabbing in Madagascar

    LAND GRABBING IN MADAGASCAR. ECHOES AND TESTIMONIES FROM THE FIELD is a new comprehensive report over current land grabbing projects in different regions in Madagascar. These include land grabs to produce food or medicinal plants for export, to produce biofuel, to produce timber through reforestation or to extract minerals from the soil.

    The report is the result of a cooperation between the Collectif pour la Défense des Terres Malgaches-TANY, the civil society organisations platform Solidarité des Intervenants sur le Foncier-SIF and the Italian association Re:Common and is based on two months of observations on the ground and interviews with directly concerned people in 2013.

    Next to the various case studies, the report provides a very good overview of the legal framework with regard to land ownership and rights to use land in Madagascar. The report is available both in French and in English.

    To access the report (which is an easy read despite its length)

    – in English click here

    – in French click here

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