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    WWF scandal
    Recently the WWF has been confronted with extremely serious accusations concerning its human rights' record which in many well documented[...]
    Travelling to Masoala?
    To those of you who plan to visit Masoala, we recommend HARIMALALA Paul Clément as your tourist guide. Paul is[...]
    Update on our Petition
    Our online petition "Respect basic human rights in Masoala, Madagascar" has up to date been signed by 318 people from around the[...]
    Our Petition
    Our Petition | Background In 1997, most of the Masoala peninsula in Madagascar was declared a strictly protected national park.[...]
    New book on Nature Conservation in Masoala
    Eva Keller, founder of Human Rights in Masoala, has been working for many years on a social anthropological research project concerning[...]
    New Report on Land Grabbing in Madagascar
    LAND GRABBING IN MADAGASCAR. ECHOES AND TESTIMONIES FROM THE FIELD is a new comprehensive report over current land grabbing projects[...]
    Refusing farmers’ humanity
    Malagasy farmers are often said to be engaged in agricultural practices that will inevitably lead to the eventual destruction of[...]
    The Washington Post
    Published two years ago in THE WASHINGTON POST on 25 January 2010, Katherine Marshall's column about the concerns raised by[...]
    Expulsion of Malagasy families from their land
    The Collectif pour la Défense des Terres Malgaches  has launched an online petition against the expulsion of Malagasy families from their land[...]
    On Sunday 24 July (14:30) and Saturday 6 August (01:05), FRANCE 5 will show a documentary called "La lune et[...]
    “Just Conservation”
    We have uploaded a link to Just Conservation. Just Conservation is a facebook platform (accessible also to those not on facebook)[...]
    Cyclone in February 2011
    On 14 February 2011, Ambanizana – one of the villages that the documents you find on this website talk about[...]