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  • Update on our Petition

    Our online petition “Respect basic human rights in Masoala, Madagascar” has up to date been signed by 318 people from around the world. After we had received 300 signatures, we informed the Deputy of the district of Maroantsetra, the Director of the Masoala National Park and the head of the Wildlife Conservation Society in Madagascar about the petition. Within a short time we received detailed answers by the park director and by the head of WCS Madagascar.

    We have been informed that this year will see a reassessment of the land utilisation plan in connection with Protected Areas in the whole of Madagascar. This is very good news as it is a rare opportunity to change things for the better for local populations.

    We have also been informed that the Deputy of the district in which the concerned village lies (district of Maroantsetra) held a meeting on 26/27 April 2016 in order to discuss with high-ranking government staff the issue of local people’s land rights. This, too, is very encouraging indeed.

    We will stay tuned to the issue that the people in the village of Marofototra raised in their letter to the Deputy and which gave rise to our petition, and we hope that their needs and rights will  find adequate consideration.

    Eva Keller, President of the Association, 06/06/2016

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